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Profile: Ernest Pineda

Name: Ernest Pineda

Title:   President, Gerard Group, Inc.

Background:  Background in pharmaceutical sales and distribution.  Joined his

first pharmaceutical consulting firm in 1994.  Supported finance, banking, marketing and health care from 1998 through 2000.  Returned to supporting pharma/biotech when

he joined the Atlantic Search Group/ASG Ockham (2001-2010.

Education:  Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Economics and a Masters Degree in Public Administration both from the University of San Francisco.

Residence: San Mateo, CA.



Essential business philosophy:  Keep your activity levels up.  Do not focus on production.  Production will come from consistently doing the right things on a daily basis: planning, helping others, qualifying and presenting candidates, internet searches, cold calls, referrals, networking.


Best way to keep competitive edge:  Our culture is driven by individuals who are goal driven and achievement oriented. Establishing clear goals has helped us to achieve better than average results.  This past year three of our producers inspired all of us by exceeding our expectations by over two hundred percent. Work-Life balance is included in our goal setting


Guiding principle: Everyone’s greatest strength is their greatest weakness.  If we’re willing to accept the benefits of an individual’s strengths we have to acknowledge that weaknesses will be part of the package.


Yardstick of success:  My success can be measured by the success of the people I work with.  We’ve been fortunate that as an office we’ve enjoyed the momentum of success.


Goal yet to be achieved:  Business goal is to get everyone in our office to reach President’s Club status (exceptional performance).  Personal goal is to break 90 (golf) consistently.



Best business decision:  My best business decision was to start the Gerard Group in 2010.  Coming out of the worldwide business recession of 2007-2009 we’ve been able to grow our business during difficult times.


Worst business decision:  I worked for one company for eighteen years.  There is such a thing as staying too long.


Toughest business decision: I had spent years working with pharmaceutical sales and distribution.  Leaving the safety of what I knew was difficult.  However, I was fortunate that my pharmaceutical and educational experience fit well with what I do now.


Biggest missed opportunity:  Should have become an entrepreneur earlier in my career.


Mentor: My first job as a student (14-18) was working in a pharmacy for Kern Gim Lee in San Francisco.  Kern taught me the value of work and helped to direct my life in a positive direction.



Like best about job: There are special moments when we truly make a difference in the lives of our Clients and Consultants.  These moments are not rare.  Like a great golf shot, they are inspirational and encourage us to do more.

Like least about job:  The days, weeks and months go by much too quickly.

Most important lesson learned: Everyone acts in their own best interest.  The only time this is disturbing is when their best interest is not aligned with ours. 

Person most interested in meeting: Dr. Jim Goodnight/business, Michael Chapdelaine/guitarist.

Most respected competitor: I respect any competitor that makes us perform better.

Five greatest passions: family, work, guitar/music, internal martial arts and golf

First choice for a new career:  Volunteer work that will help to improve the lives of others.



Favorite quote:  ‘In God we trust, everyone else please bring the data’ Arthur Levinson, CEO/Genentech.

Most influential book:  Focal Point by Brian Tracy.

Favorite cause:  Education

Favorite movie:  Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Godfather II

Favorite restaurant:  Guaymas in Tiburon, CA.

Favorite vacation spot:  Italia

Favorite way to spend time: We have three grown children with families of their own.  My best moments are when I’m with family.

Automobile:  2000 Saab Viggen

Guitars: Gibson ES-335, Taylor 814CE, Taylor GS-mini

Interview advice: Above all be relaxed, true to yourself, and it is ok to smile when you speak J.   Stay professional but let your personality shine thru. EP 8/07/2015

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