Background Checks Becoming Part of Your Job Search – False Resumes Need Not Apply

Background Checks Becoming Part of Your Job Search – False Resumes Need Not Apply

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By Suzanne Stanford

If you are a searching for a career in the Data and Analytic field you may be surprised to find that many more staffing agencies are asking potential candidates to agree to a background check. It is best not to feel insulted, rather understand your candidacy is being taken into serious consideration.

Reputable agencies are always at risk for presenting a candidate who has misrepresented themselves on their resume. To protect our valued reputations, it is not uncommon to ask a candidate to sign a background release form so we can run a preliminary check.

Additional checks might include, educational verification, social security and past employment verification (7 years), criminal, and in some cases an employment drug test. However, these additional checks often come when the hiring process is leaning toward an extension of a job offer.

Biostatisticians – Statisticians – Statistical Programmers – Clinical SAS® Programmers – Data Analysts – Data Managers – Clinical Trial/ Program Managers – Clinical Research Associates – Oracle Clinical Programmers – SAS Programmers with CDISC, SDTM/ADaM experience – SAS Programmers with Phase I, PK/PD experience – SAS Risk Management – SAS Marketing/ Outcomes Research/ Epidemiology/ HMO/Utilization

These positions are extremely important to an organization and qualified professionals are essential to the proper functioning of these important careers.  Background check request might be new to some agencies, but it is a standard at the Gerard Group.   It is part of our dedication in providing highly qualified candidates with a proven track record.  We pride ourselves in offering the best most qualified candidates to our clients.  False resumes need not apply.

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